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Revenue Cycle Management


Zealous servicesis a premier organization in healthcare outsourcing. We guarantee you quality services along with a good return on investment with our revenue cycle management solutions. We can manage the entire revenue cycle starting from a patient's admission to the hospital, treatment and discharge to post discharge claims and accounts settling.

Outstanding revenues and a disorganized revenue cycle – these are two major factors that pull down the efficiency of hospitals. As a healthcare BPO provider, it becomes highly imperative that you have an agile revenue cycle management. How does it help you?

• Accelerated cash flow

• Structured and organized operations

• Faster revenue realization

• Constant monitoring of key revenue cycles

By leveraging these advantages you can streamline the functioning of your hospital and ensure a high level of patient satisfaction. Moreover, outsourcing comes in as a wise business decision for cost effectiveness, high quality work and relief from the hassles of staff management.


Here is a brief overview of how we approach hospital revenue cycle management:

• Pre-admission and pre-registration processes including insurance verification

• Patient admission/registration and patient stay management

• Clinical documentation

• Charge capture

• Medical coding, patient health information entry and management

• Medical billing

• Claims review, approval and denial along with insurance company relations management

• Patient accounts management

• Constant follow up for outstanding payments/accounts receivable

• Review of reasons for non payment and corrective measures adopted for better revenue realization


Find out what are your guaranteed benefits by choosing Zealous services as your partner for healthcare revenue cycle management:

• You save almost 60% on your operating costs

• 24/7 services and support ensuring quick turnaround time

• Experienced personnel will handle your revenue cycle management

• Continual follow up of your bills and records for better revenue collection

• HIPAA compliant proven processes for high performance revenue cycles

• State-of-the-art software and technologies for a highly productive functioning of your revenue cycle management

• Risk free outsourcing ensured by stringent information security policies and practices

Before you decide to outsource, we want you to be confident about our capabilities. You can do this by signing up for our Free Trial Offer. Based on the free trial, you can evaluate our work and then we are sure that you will not want to miss leveraging our healthcare revenue cycle services.




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