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Data De-duplication

Almost organizations have massive amounts of data to run their business successfully, the essential data plays a vital role in contemporary digital business environment but if the data is duplicate then it increases cost of the organization. The duplicate data occupy disk space, slow down retrieval process and affect email campaigns.

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Data Standardization

There is strong possibility of logical or structural data inconsistencies if you have database from live CRM or your database is created by merging diverse small data files. The data discrepancy example could be like ‘Head of Computer Science’ inputted in different ways including Head, Computer Science.

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Data Scrubbing

At Zealous Services, we provide accurate and cost-effective data scrubbing services to our global clients. Our data experts cautiously identify incorrect, invalid, obsolete, incomplete and outdated information from your customers, partners, competition or other business related databases and rectify it precisely with proven techniques.

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Data Verification / Validation

To make your business processes and marketing campaigns successful, we at Zealous Services provide accurate and cost-effective data verification and data validation services. We enrich the value of your customers, suppliers, products, employees and other business related critical-information databases by verifying or validating data.Accurate and authentic databases are essential to get desired results in any business area.

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Scanning and OCR

There are many companies in the world, who spend a number of valuable hours daily to find needed information stored on papers. The business-critical information might be misplaced if it is available only on papers and you have massive amount of files in office. We at Zealous Services, help our clients in enhancing company’s profitability and performance by providing them quick and easy access to the valuable information.

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