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Yellow / White Pages Entry

At Zealous Services we help our clients to extract relevant information from yellow pages or white pages quickly and accurately.Through our yellow pages data entry services, you can collate business listings, pre-sales leads, potential services and product offerings without errors. Our white pages data entry services experts employ advanced capturing techniques.

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Excel Data Entry

At Zealous Services, we help our clients in populating, updating and maintaining large MS Excel databases competently.Our excel data entry services specialists can enter any type of data into an MS Excel database accurately and speedily. With the help of our skilled and highly trained professionals, we can handle any volume of excel data entry project contentedly.

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VPN/Remote Data Entry

It is understood that technology has become an inescapable part of our businesses. Internet doesn't just offer a mass amount of useful information, it also allows you to transfer business information securely and make communication easier and faster. With utilizing internet, you can provide remote access to your virtual staff and they can perform any type of clerical work on your system maintaining network security protocols.

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Printed Documents

At Zealous Services, we help our clients to convert printed or handwritten documents into an assortment of digital file formats with complete accuracy.Our printed / handwritten documents data entry services professionals can help your business in becoming a paperless organization. We can capture useful information from your printed or handwritten documents and store in online or offline databases for easy data retrieval.

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Typing and Transcription

At Zealous Services, we provide reliable typing and transcription services to a broad range of clients from sectors like Healthcare, Market Research, Media, Finance, Academics Advertising, Education, Retail, Technology, Automotive, Real Estate, etc. Our transcriptionists have fluency in English and comprehensive knowledge on vocabulary, phrases, idioms, grammar and construction of sentences.

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