Zealous Services is privately owned offshore data entry outsourcing company based in Chennai,India. We have 3+ years of experience in the data entry services and Publishing services. Zealous Services is devoted to provide all types of cost effective data entry and Publishing services to our clients across the globe. During these 3+ years in data entry and publishing industry, we have built and maintain a highly skilled, experienced and dedicated team of data entry and publishing specialists. We are trustworthy and committed company, providing quick, easy and affordable services to our customers around the world. Our business relationship with the customers is based on trust, honesty and commitment. Our main motto is customer satisfaction and providing quick, easy, and affordable services at the best price.

Dedicated team at Zealous Services has deep knowledge and expertise that has built long-term business relationship and trust with many clients. We can streamline your data entry or data processing or publishing services requirements and save your money so that you will have more time to focus and grow your primary business. At Zealous Services, we provide comprehensive range of high quality publishing services and data entry outsourcing solutions across the world to each and every business segment. We have executed many publishing services and data entry services projects for our clients from various industries and verticals around the globe.

Digital Publishing

John Battelle's definition of Digital Publishing is "Connecting a community through the art and science of communication." But just as this definition is vague, Adobe's PDF publisher is also not an adequate representation of what constitutes digital publishing.

I can sum up digital publishing in my own words in this way:

"The use of digital technology to replace written material so that it can be

disseminated and accessed through computerized electronic devices."

Digital technology includes everything from websites, blogs, and social networking platforms, to games, apps, videos, CDs, and downloadable materials -- even the simple text message is a form of digital publication marketing.While Adobe is arguably the company that put digital publishing on the map by making it an accessible technology for the masses, there are now many ways to publish your works far beyond the PDF.

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