ZEALOUS Quality & Training

At Zealous Services, the quality department is responsible for ensuring implementation of all processes in the organization. To align our strategic goals with operational data, we have implemented scorecard methods for various client's projects. We will constantly take Client's feedback to improve our stated quality standards.

At Zealous by Partnering with Yodel Technologies brought down the Call Center Technology Solutions cost to $5/ an Hour / Per Agent where we will find the right agents for your Campaign & Maximize Efficiency with complete focus on delivering quality services.

A TQE (Team Quality Evangelist) is nominated for each project and is responsible for process implementation and enhancement. The TQE works closely with the quality department in improving the quality of the project. Voice call recording and monitoring, random sampling of cases, collection of metrics are the key activities that happen as part of the quality improvement.

Zealous Services believes that quality is a result of ensuring excellent resources followed by providing on-going training to these resources in order to sustain the highest level of performance. Hence we regularly address both human interface and systems leading to continuous improvement in delivery level.

At Zealous Services our goal is to create a learning environment that enables our employees to access knowledge and skills. By providing resources to learn, our employees measurably improve performance that directly translates into achievements. We are committed to develop and up-skill our employees and support them in their career development.

Each employee is supported with training across our range of training programs:

• Coaching and Mentoring

• Soft Skill Training

• Technical Training

• Leadership Training