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Turn Results into Revenue

Turn Results into Revenue.

Zealous Services excels in contacting a list of prospects who are not expecting a call from the business and at the same time delivers business' sales pitch over the phone successfully. We understand that your aim is not just to conduct business but to sustain and grow amidst intense competition. Our team of call center experts excel in broadening your customer base and thus increase your bottom-lines with utmost professionalism and also give your business the much-needed makeover.

Zealous Services helps you to stay ahead despite competition utilizing well grounded solutions and advanced call center tools, technologies and software. Our customer care services are unique as our agents take new marketing initiatives while offering the highest quality appointment setting services. Our customer-oriented goals are highly beneficial for your business and are efficiently cost-effective.

Highlights of our services:

Outbound appointment setting call center agents at Zealous Services are highly skilled and know just how to strike the right chords of curiosity and interest in prospects. Our services are a crucial tool for sales professionals engaged in different business verticals, such as:

• Insurance Companies

• Health Insurance

• Life Insurance

• Contractors

• Mortgage Brokers

• Financial Plan Makers

• Time Share

• Annuity

• Automotive Warranties

• Medical

• Real Estate

• Business oriented with service sector

What is the importance?

Building a personal bond with clients is a very important function for any business. To this end, there is nothing as effective and strong as coming to the table and meeting them face to face. This is an activity that helps to close deals. Zealous Services appointment setting services help you to reach business targets while considerably reducing the lead time.

Besides appointment setting services, we offer other exciting call center services. You could consider using our effective help with:

• web collaboration

• voice or chat support

• email support

• Assist in arranging special business events.




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