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Cross Selling and Up selling

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Cross selling refers to selling of brand new services or products to existing customers. It is a proactive sales approach designed to enhance consumer knowledge with respect to products and services offered and thus convincing them to purchase.

Up selling is another sales approach that offers customers alternative options which they may not have considered earlier. This can be described as a salesman's attempt to sell product add-ons and upgrades thus enhancing the sale value.

Most businesses are known to move their call center operations or outsource them to save costs. In this process, they are known to neglect the fact that about 21% of the clients usually resort to the cross selling or up selling prospects to market their products and services.

Annual market research studies on customer care services indicate that over 60% of the call centers fail to practice cross selling and up selling basics during customer interaction. This is one of the major reasons why most call centers struggle to deliver maximized business.

Why Zealous Services?

Zealous Services provides cross selling and up selling services in order to retain and re-sell to existing customers, a new line of products and services. Zealous Services’s trained team of BPO professionals strictly monitor and analyze customer databases to identify buying patterns. This process backed by proper research and implementation can help customers generate more revenue.

Our marketing specialists are of the opinion that up selling and cross selling should be a strictly practiced in call centers in order to make sure that new businesses launching new products and services are benefitted. The strategy of using cross selling and up selling is already known to work wonders for existing businesses and advocacy of the same into practice is highly recommended.

With 24/7 outbound calling options and global delivery capability, Zealous Services would be your best bet to outsource your telemarketing needs. With cutting-edge technology and trained/ experienced sales professionals at disposal, Zealous Services offers the best of both worlds - reduced costs and enhanced business.

How we help?

• In building a good rapport with potential customers

• In reducing escalated calls and offering repeated calls.

• Increasing the call quality and productivity as well.




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