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Fix it Fast, Each Time, Every Time

Zealous Services Help Desk Solution ensures problem resolution to clients maintaining Fix it Fast and Fix it accurate metrics, ensuring profitability and increased customer satisfaction.

Zealous Services is a customer care center maintaining quality and excellence in offering help desk solutions. It is the help desk that is a focal point through which issues and other problems generally get reported. Subsequently, these issues then get coordinated and managed with the help of the highly responsible customer care representatives.

Providing technical support is our main area of expertise. We bring you a fine combination of experience and domain knowledge to ensure better results all the way. At Zealous Services, it is the job of the customer care representatives who hold the responsibility to bring together the resources and gamut of knowledge to address several key issues or problems.

Customers can leverage good assistance from our infrastructure and technical know-how. Our technical helpdesk solutions aim to bring you customized 24/7 support, selected hours support and after hours support as well. Whatever may be our customers' requirements, we always strive to bring them the best.

Why Zealous Services?

Most successful businesses include few common characteristics. First of all, they are found focusing on core competencies and executing flawlessly on a continuous basis in each area of their business. With the increasing expenses and competition, most global organizations are turning to BPO or business process outsourcing to get their operations streamlined, ensuring increased profitability.

Zealous Services help desk solution forms to be one natural extension of the overall technical service offerings. It brings about customized solutions to diverse client base depending on the services put on offer. Help desk services are offered to support and promote the use of technology for better functioning in the prevailing business environment. These services form the main traditional mechanism for the normal technical support services. Moreover, these services generally come accompanied by the onsite assistance, training and the self help programs.

Going by the recent market trends, it is usually found that most companies are outsourcing either the help desk solutions individually or the entire range of IT enabled operation services. If you do not have help desk solutions in your arsenal, make it a point to outsource tech support inclusive of the help desk services. This is how you can achieve the essential business goals operating in a highly competitive environment.

Selecting Zealous Services

By selecting Zealous Services, you will be able to get a service provider who will offer you tailor- made help desk solutions. This is how you can take full control in attaining customer relationship to the maximum. We bring you a whole range of customer offerings that include 24/7 help desk voice support catered by the inbound call center team.

Our technical support services include back office support, IT help desk, database creation and management, operating system support, desktop support, antivirus help desk and application support. Customers will also get web and email enabled services offered at Zealous Services provided as a part of the BPO back office services.

Key Benefits That You Get:

• Our help desk service help you reduce the negative business impact.

• Reduction of support cost.

• Quicker turnaround and better quality of customer requests.

• Better management of infrastructure.

• Offering improved customer satisfaction and loyalty.

• Improving communication and team coordination.

• Enhances proactive approach and focus of the customer service.

• Offers increased accessibility through single point of communication.

• Advanced usage of the IT support resources.

• Increasing the productivity of the business personnel.




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