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Quality B2B / B2C Lead Generation Services

Business Lead Generation service simply refers to the creation or generation of potential customer interest in a product or service. A lead can be generated for diverse purposes – selling, awareness, list building, research or even opinion polls.Lead generation has always been considered one of the most effective methods to gain prospective customers. The concept in not new, however, the approach is brand new today.

Today, sales lead generation works wonders for all businesses. Market trends indicate lead generation services will gain popularity in the near future for service- oriented businesses.

More often than not, lead generation process is a win-win situation for both seller and the buyer. In a lead generation process, a buyer can request for information from different businesses offering a particular product or service. For the seller, lead generation is the ideal opportunity to pitch their services or products to reach potential consumers.

Statistics show that conversion rates of a lead generation process are higher than that of a cold calling process. The reason is that the lead generation process is more evolved and engaging than a cold calling process.

Zealous Services offers live answering service under the well-designed inbound call center services. With years of proven track record, Zealous Services offers integrated outbound call center service, inbound call center service, order taking, customer service assistance and other phone answering services. We are specialized in offering accurate and effective answering service that will help to save both time and cost.

The Way Lead Generation System Works!

• Qualified professionals offering customized and live call answering service.

• Determine pricing as per lead basis.

• Paying for the received leads.

• Controlling the total number of leads that your business may require each month.

• Giving the option to select geographical area that may be profitable for your own business.

• Offering the flexibility to select the product or services as per the needs of the client.

Lead Generation with Zealous Services

Zealous Services being in service for years now includes the expertise to offer you leads that will help you boost sales. Our lead generation calling centers are fully integrated and adequately equipped with trained and experienced professionals.

We carry out research and market surveys as a part of our outbound call center services. Our proven techniques will help to generate fresh leads, bringing about high conversion rates in return.Above all, at Zealous Services lead generation services are cost-effective

We have been offering lead generation services for businesses of different size and form. Starting from small business owners to large corporate houses we cover a variety of industrial sectors.

Working with Zealous Services ensures quality, compliance and host of other benefits. These include:

• Reduced cost of sales

• More sales volumes

• Increased profits

• Enhanced awareness of your product or service within your targeted market

• Seamless representation of your services, products and company

• Updated global prospect database

• Reliable intelligence

• Leverage sales team time

• Scalability to retract or expand size of lead qualification or lead generation

Your customers usually expect to get continuous support and this is where the need to have live answering service arises. Some companies engaged with medical services, real estate, print media, heating, emergency home repair, air conditioning often make use of live answering support. Apart from these, there are several other companies using answering service as well.




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